28 de junho de 2012

Obrigada pela prenda!! AMEI!

"We are celebrating our anniversary with an incredible concert on the 13th of November in Sportpaleis Antwerpen, Belgium. The anniversary show, Elements, will be the most significant event in the history of Within Temptation. 
The title represents the kind of music and live shows we are known for – the melodius, crystal clear voice of Sharon, the massive guitar riffs, the orchestral and Celtic influences and the always surprising musical collaborations. 
Energetic performance, musical mastery, and visually thrilling elements ranging from impressive set designs to fireworks and specially made films and videos. 
Everything you have witnessed in the last 15 years will be topped during the anniversary show in Antwerp. We will share the stage with some unexpected guests and can already tell you that we will also be accompanied by the renowned Il Novecento Orchestra."

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pioio disse...

Ainda falta o voo e a estadia ehehe :D

vai ser fixe :)

muah... tu mereces muito mais!